What is to Come for 2018?

Collective Energy - Year of Separation and Unification Earth is symbolized by letter "middle". In Chinese culture, "middle-way" is the highest way. Standing in the middle, Earth is capable of holding on to all four corners of the world, thus the name "middle kingdom". Extreme weather of cold & wet winter and hot & dry summer will continue until we get used to these tensions created by polarized energy. Concerns for establishing basic security need for ourselves is strong, thus taking care of ourselves and protecting our tribe (pack) is a prerequisite before any meaningful (conscious) creative collaboration can happen. Separation at first in early half of 2018, but peace. harmony, more satisfying collaboration and unification will manifest eventually toward second half of the 2018.

Relationships (Personal/Work/Social) Affection, listening more and complaining less is the key to true understanding. Understanding leads to relatedness. When we relate to all things/people in nature, we match our frequency to the frequency of Earth Elemental Energy and have access to its magical power. Wealth (especially material in 2018) will come our way (manifest) to provide us more stability. First half of year conflicts and confrontations may rise so we are forced to face the shadow side of our selves. Be careful not to point fingers and blame the other. And don't be surprised that the other exhibit "silent resistance" and appears "uncooperative". Earth energy can take in a lot and is slow to react, so being sensitive and diplomatic will ensure a more rewarding relationship.

Personal Health Splenic and Stomach health will come to be the focus of 2018. Anything that increase fire energy such as physical exercise, hot-natured food (such as dates), acupuncture, or other methods/remedies are recommended for increasing blood circulation (thus speeding up splenic detox process). Avoid cold and damp energy which will decrease the effectiveness of splenic function and make your blood flow even more sluggish. Too much sweets will over-tax your spleen also. Eat food that is yellow color (such as yellow bean). Eat regularly and consistently. Avoid over-eating or eating late at night to over burden the digestive system. Use dry heat Sauna instead of wet steam. Last but not least, too much mental chatter and worrying will weaken your splenic and stomach chi.

Download handout in pdf for the talk delivered for Austin & Houston Astrological Society in Jan/Feb 2018

Download Powerpoint Presentation in pdf for the talk delivered for Austin Astrological Society in Jan 2018

Earth Element

EARTH (Yang) Can be molded into material that builds skyscrapers; ability to hold together. Fertile ground supports all life. Kind, compassionate and giving. Responsive.

EARTH (Yin) Scatter around dirt, dry and cracked, nothing grows out of it. Scatter minded and silent.

ORGANS Spleen and Stomach

Fire can help build up Earth energy
Wood energy will split (consume) Earth
Wood will absorb Water and create muddy situation